Can you still buy the Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo are exceptionally bright in designing the Wii console.


It isn’t just the groundbreaking approach that wii console games operate or the spirit of wacky, arcade-style fun that wii games, particularly others, remain true to. No, the thing that most impresses us about wii games is how successfully they bypassed the ‘nerd stigma’ that clouds numerous other consoles.


In short, wii games have elevated their respective console towards the status of ‘lifestyle peripheral’ and that is what continues to shine about the Wii console. Whether you are a plumber, a bank manager, a teacher or a farmer it is easy to enjoy wii games. Whilst you might not have time for a tremendous, sprawling epic that spreads to several sequels or even a painfully accurate combat sim where you might take pot shots at a worldwide conglomeration of net nerds, each person can simply pick up and play wii games.


That’s the thing about Nintendo. They’ve become a great leveller. They have made gaming accessible to an entire market which was once unresponsive. Now it’s perfectly OK for an academic to have a DS in her desk drawer or an old couple to experience a bowling sim in their spare time.


Try as they may, PS3, Xbox and other competition can’t touch that level of exposure. Nintendo have struck gold, they are the company who have taken gaming into the home, putting the innocent fun back to games in the process. wii games have helped us regain something we all thought we had lost.

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