I’ve Noticed That More People are Viewing TV on Pc tablets, is this True?

…Apparently so. Next to watching our programs on Television, it seems that our favored approach to viewing is via our Tablet PCs. A recent study confirmed that Tablet PCs are now formally the secondary gadgets for television audience across the Western world.


Is this for real? I imagine that folks first put TV on their Tablet pc’s to be able to impress associates and co-workers and the the whole phenomena grew from there. After all, first thing we do using a new toy is show it off.


After that, I envisage it to be the exceptional quality images that keep people coming back. You can put a set of earphones into it and watch TV from just about anywhere; a train, your bed, a bench in the local park, I feel that adaptability can also be a significant factor while in the success of watching TV on a Pc tablet.


The major impediment to further success, as far as I can see, may be the unwillingness exhibited by most Tablet PCs not to run Flash player, which confines them from accessing a large number of digital channels, most notably BBC iPlayer. BBC iPlayer is enjoyed all over the planet, by a good many of us, so this are a few things of the pain. This lack of Flash is a serious obstacle, it’s strange that numerous Tablet pc’s aren’t pre-loaded with it.


Now, I have not forgotten that although the 7″ screen is wonderfully transportable, it does harper your watching enjoyment if you are not alone. TV is just more convenient and better quality, they have nothing to fear from Tablet PCs…Just yet.


This analysis proves, greater than anything, just how much we have taken to the Tablet PC and just how rapidly. Nowadays, everybody seems to be using one. As with any new innovation, there have been doubters, but from this vantage point, it looks like Tablets are here to stay. If the designers of the future still create handy, reasonable tablets which have numerous practical uses, I personally don’t see that changing.


I’d love to see studies pertaining to social media, app usage, gaming and music as well. The results could well be surprising.


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