Headphones For Jogging: Born To Jog


Its a difficult commerce job, how do you create headsets for running that don’t slip, slide, skip or fall out but that aren’t stapled to your earlobes? Engineers have cracked it. Well, two.


That scene in ‘Anchorman’ where Ron Burgundy says that he and Veronica are attempting this new fad called ‘Jogging’ is entirely plausible. Ron’s tenuous grasp of the English language aside (especially as a big shot who’s such pride in his collection of leather-bound books), Jogging was indeed a largely unknown phenomenon until the 60’s and 70’s (actually the word ‘jog’ actually denotes a swift, sudden movement, like jogging one’s memory or jogging someone who’s writing/painting) until it is Started (and named) by a bloke from New Zealand named Arthur Lydiard.


can you picture a world without running?. Shot in a drug bust. Mull that one over within the old noggin. Jogging is hugely influential to post-60’s culture in the West. Without running, the term ‘marathon’ would not be applied as commonly to running, although it had been in use beforehand (Actually ‘Marathon’ originally meant ‘long-lasting’ and had little, if anything, to do with running) and sports/athletic clothing could be reserved for sporting people (vs those who consider shoplifting athletic clothing a sport)}.


Anyway, I digress; there is nothing whatsoever useful in anything I just told you, nothing that you brought this article up to examine, anyway. Demonstrating you things that you will never, in your wildest dreams of a million, billion years, find a practical application for). Jogging is staying put. Didn’t want to see in spandex, but most of the time, you get to see attractive members of the alternative sex (or identical sex – I’m not judging) stretching and flexing in any skimpy outfit. You cannot go wrong, really.


If you cannot find anyone to jog with, you will need music with you, since it prevents you from focussing on your fatigue. It doesn’t matter what you’re playing, as long as it takes your mind of aching joints and that dry phlegm that builds up inside your mouth sometimes. The major choice is between ear pieces and headphones. There are too many models in either category (and never enough to select from between them to mention here) to speak about, so we’ll just discuss the merits of both main kinds of headphones for running. The earpieces fit inside your ear hole and sometimes attach to your device via calble. These earpieces work very well indeed if you have the right shape of ears. Personally, I happen to be part Vulcan apparently, as my ‘inhuman’ ears (it doesn’t matter what your mates say, these phones are definitely NOT one size fits all!) simply can’t keep those flamin’ things on my head! If you are like me, a headset version, You’ll be searching for something that’s small and easy to carry. Like the tunes you play, you call the shots.


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