Why didn’t you buy HP’s WebOS TouchPad?


Tablet schmablet! Above all else, the touchpad is simply a terrific pc tablet. There is certainly a tendency, in these quick-paced, extensive-blooded times of ours, to evaluate a working laptop or computer because by the virtues of what it really is, versus what it actually does.


Of course, pc tablet’s are all the fashion now and, as a result, the HP touchpad is winning accolades for its size and usefulness. What these technological tastemakers are not considering is of the fact that touchpad from hp can also be a stunning small computer, effective at just about the whole thing.


Hewlett-Packard are justifiably pleased with the touchpad and also have invested a great deal in its selling and advertising. The ad drive features the doubtful ‘talents’ of comedian Russell Brand who sits on the piano and then goes on to show us that a) the

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