What we could expect for while in the toshiba libretto

If you ever worked in an company in the mid 90’s, the chances are you had a toshiba libretto. Originally released in 1996, the initial libretto models were compact, lightweight and perfect for travel, proving victorious enough to benefit from a healthy five-year run as a top executive sort.


Today, those initial libretto versions can more or less be seen as proto-tablet pc’s, making the re-birth of this libretto much more tantalising and thrilling.


Following discontinuation in 2001, re-release in 2005 and enduring reputation ever since, the wise Ladies and Men at Toshiba have released a brand new libretto, one that reminds all those whipper snappers who’s boss!


With the daring new device (that pays several defiant homages to the initial), touchscreen capability and two high performance viewers, the brand new

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