Can you still get the primary kindle?

On first hearing the Kindle I was initially very doubtful. I adore books, I like to read them and, although it might be very pretentious of me, I like to have books. As well as this, being a student, I have come to understand that I hate reading off of a screen. I’d much rather spend cash on printing off a piece of writing that I would like, than read it straight off of the screen. With this in mind, it is possible to understand why I used to be sceptical of the Kindle. Not only does it not let me have the book I’m reading in its real physical form, it also means I have to read from a screen!


However, when I used a Kindle for the first time I was very much taken aback. The screen was so crisp and clear. It definitely didn’t feel like the times I had struggled to read journal content off of a fuzzy computer screen. All the other advantage that made it self very obvious to me was that within the Kindle you can hold a bulky amount of books. If I planned to travel somewhere with the amount of books you’ll be able to hold on the Kindle I’d probably fracture my back attempting it. You can even search through all these books you have got, using the Kindle’s keyboard. This is especially useful when you are attempting to complete research, and could make proving someone wrong satisfyingly quick and efficient.


So does this mean that is going to be a revolution, headed by the Kindle, overthrowing paper textbooks? Personally, I am still not completely convinced. There are many benefits to having a Kindle, and I’ve in fact added it to my christmas list. Still though, I’ve also added several paper books that I actually want. The Kindle I believe will be particularly useful for my university course, and I am sure that plenty of the texts that I want for this course, I shall buy on the Kindle. However, the reason I still want some particular paper books, I suppose, is to assure my pretentious need for having the book in its physical form; and I’d like to believe that I’m not alone in having this need.

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