Windows 8 Tablets: The First Wave

So it is December and the Coca Cola truck (yes, one in the ‘Holidays are Coming’ adverts) made its approach to the town where I live. My best friend was elated, whilst I was rather undecided, but I went anyway to keep them company. The bus ride was a good 30 – 35 minutes away, so we settled in for the journey by sitting in the front of a double decker’s top floor (my favorite position since i was a child).


Somehow, a person next to me overheard our conversation and, apropos of nothing, decided to join in (at full, ear splitting, volume). It seems that, it wasn’t enough that I had to talk to him, the whole bus had to listen to him as well. He didn’t talk so much as broadcast himself all over the place, principally when making statements like “this bus service is sh*t!” at the top of his voice. Continue reading


Promotions, Thoughts & ETC “Oh no, not again!” One Man’s Quest to Loathe Everything

In my disguise like a professional self-employed writer who is, at the moment, producing his first full-length book (cheap plug!), I requested of my favourite client we branch out a bit from tech news/reviews and into more media, arts and entertainment areas. He was obliging and gracious enough to offer the madcap idea a go and I set about cobbling together some film and music reviews.

This was when it hit me; I’ve no idea what is hot, who’s doing it, or why I should care! Continue reading

Bone Conducting Earpieces for that GP340

As many of you would recognize there are several bone conducting earphones on the web, when I looked to buy one I generally bought it from earpieceonline, but of late they’ve finished advertising them, when I enquired as to why this was they advised me they finished their variety until the latest models arrive.

I received an news item in the week, or maybe it had been via facebook, they’re all merging as one as of late! And I straight away despatched an email to ask for one to test, and low and behold one came with the post this morning. It is one of a brand new generation of bone conductors which are lighter and superior than the previous ones. Now when I’ve had the earlier variations I continuously found that they fell out my ear if I moved my head considerably, these new bone conductors are selling a clip that fits faultlessly over the ear, getting it more comfortable to wear, and far more secure. Continue reading

Does a human ear has the ability to cancel background sound and filter only voice?

Because you’ve walked down any road, anywhere in the Uk, at any point in the past decade, you will know the Britain of this early twenty first Century is loud, crowded and busy.


Individuals shuttle past you with headsets on, mobile phones in front of their faces and from time to time, seemingly chatting to themselves (until you notice the Bluetooth receiver). Many is the time I’ve heard someone talking and turned around to address them, only to find out that they aren’t chatting to me at all. There are far more vehicles #on the# road and there are more highways for those cars to operate on. Yes, this country is really a busy place and from time to time you wish to just shut all of it out. Continue reading