Bone Conducting Earpieces for that GP340

As many of you would recognize there are several bone conducting earphones on the web, when I looked to buy one I generally bought it from earpieceonline, but of late they’ve finished advertising them, when I enquired as to why this was they advised me they finished their variety until the latest models arrive.

I received an news item in the week, or maybe it had been via facebook, they’re all merging as one as of late! And I straight away despatched an email to ask for one to test, and low and behold one came with the post this morning. It is one of a brand new generation of bone conductors which are lighter and superior than the previous ones. Now when I’ve had the earlier variations I continuously found that they fell out my ear if I moved my head considerably, these new bone conductors are selling a clip that fits faultlessly over the ear, getting it more comfortable to wear, and far more secure.

It absolutely feels lighter, matched against other ones, the press to talk button or PTT as I’m continuously instructed to describe it, is much lighter as well, and still has the lapel to clip it to your belt, which I find extremely valuable. Not shown in the picture is a extended PTT (there you go boss!!!!) which is detachable and can continue down your arm, leg, snake, whatsoever you prefer because it’s absolutely lengthy enough.

I usually use the Motorola 2-pin variations and I always have, I they have assured me that the kenwood connector type as well as the icom connector versions are precisely the same, but for the first time the’re available using a GP340, DP3400 and some others, which for me is perfect because we’re just about to move into the digital revolution and acquire some Motorola dp3400 two way radios.

All in all this is a great earpiece, and thanks towards the guys at earpieceonline for giving one for me to check, you can find them at


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