Windows 8 Tablets: The First Wave

So it is December and the Coca Cola truck (yes, one in the ‘Holidays are Coming’ adverts) made its approach to the town where I live. My best friend was elated, whilst I was rather undecided, but I went anyway to keep them company. The bus ride was a good 30 – 35 minutes away, so we settled in for the journey by sitting in the front of a double decker’s top floor (my favorite position since i was a child).


Somehow, a person next to me overheard our conversation and, apropos of nothing, decided to join in (at full, ear splitting, volume). It seems that, it wasn’t enough that I had to talk to him, the whole bus had to listen to him as well. He didn’t talk so much as broadcast himself all over the place, principally when making statements like “this bus service is sh*t!” at the top of his voice.


Our new pal seemed tremendously pleased when the subject of Microsoft window 8 came up and proudly (and loudly) announced that he had built his own PC and downloaded Microsoft’s new operating system for free. He was very pleased about that exact fact.


In no way one to skip a chance, I asked the local bus-banshee how he felt about Windows 8. Unsurprisingly, he loved it on his desktop, but had identical doubts everybody else does about Windows on a tablet pc. Then, we got on quite well in fact. The loud man loudly wished us both a Merry Christmas and that we wished him good luck along with his impending move (one he’d been broadcasting about). I resisted the urge to apologise to the bus driver once we arrived at our getaway, (his bus service had not been sh*t in the slightest).


Far be it from me to use the testimony of the loony I met on the bus as a tool for judging the achievement of a multi million Dollar information technology venture, I’ve asked a few other, less mad, people as well. They all say the identical thing.


It seems that Windows RT will be the real judge, jury and possible assassin for Microsoft’s latest venture. In the meantime, if you’d like a Microsoft window 8 pc tablet, but are quite put off by the assorted reaction, here is our review of these Windows 8 pc tablets thus far:


The Microsoft Surface, despite lots of media attention and high expectations, may be a mixed bag. The final consensus seems to be that the hardware is great and extremely well developed, but Windows 8 just doesn’t hold up to close examination. Frankly, the biggest error Microsoft have made here is to compete with a iPad on price. If ever the tablet pc was a bit less expensive, they might have an increased-spec, viable substitute to Apple’s world-beater. Instead, they have a tablet that costs as much as the apple ipad, but is not nearly as user friendly or universally praised. It is not bad, but it’s almost the flagship product that its parent company was expecting.


The Asus Vivo Tab, the second out from the gate, was another mixed bag. Windows RT does it a handful of favours, but it does not come anyplace near the Surface in hardware terms and, consequently, does feel slightly overpriced.


Elsewhere, the Lenovo Ideapad Yoga is quite pleasant. Although it’s nowhere near fast enough for difficult tasks like gaming, the Ideapad is comparatively affordable, has a great screen and the keyboard can change happily between ‘tablet pc’ and ‘laptop’ modes with unmitigated ease. The Yoga is a good decision for someone who likes laptops but still wants to get a tablet pc.


The Samsung Ativ is good, but the cost, quite frankly, is a joke (and not an particularly funny one either). Elsewhere, the Acer Iconia 700 might be the very best all rounder on this list, but it can be ridiculously costly (although not compared to its upcoming rivals, some of which may very well scrape the dizzying heights of £900+). It also suffers noticeably from having no SD card slot.


All told, we are still waiting to make the first ‘classic’ Microsoft window 8 pc tablet. Microsoft ought to see the appearance of that pc tablet that brings out the best in their new software. Basically, they have the model that produces it all worthwhile.


Now, I can’t help them conceive their dream machine, but if they have someone who can put a computer together (with Microsoft window 8 thrown in for free), It looks like I’d know a man…


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