Book about Jewel Encrusted Skeleton ‘Saints’ released to great enjoyment

Paul Koudounaris, who’s also identified by his nickname ‘Indiana Bones’ is an writer, photographer and principal authority on bone-decorated sites and ossuarys. Earlier in 2013, Koudounaris published a hardback that includes high definition images of the 400-year-old ‘catacomb saints’ of Rome, a bunch of corpses that was painstakingly adorned with jewels and finery prior to being offered as the remains of saints to congregations around Europe. Continue reading


Rock Band 3, learn and earn whilst having fun

My neighbour ‘Little’ Chris, then aged about 9 , once stated that he wished there might be a ‘Bass Hero’, ‘Drum Hero’ and ‘Singing Hero’ to go along with the ‘Guitar Hero’ games he cherished. Someone must have been taking note that day, because a year or so later the first rockband title appeared on shop floor.


Now on its third instalment, the hugely popular rockband series seems to have eclipsed those guitar games for good, forcing a spot between the best victorious music sims of all time in the process. Yes, rockband is here to remain regardless of whether you prefer it or not and yes, that is my friend Kieran playing bass on the cover of rockband 3 (OK, maybe it isn’t, however it really looks like him). Continue reading

(Potential) Justification Presented for ‘After Death’ Experiences

The most current scientific analysis has recommended that dying rats experience an strange flow of intense neural activity during their last moments of life. This increased brain operation could be consistent with (and thusly describe) Human accounts of near or after death experiences, as reported by lots of people around the world.


Almost a fifth of all people who have survived a cardiac arrest have reported having an ‘After Death Experience’ or ADE.  This is sort of an alarming stat, particularly as the ADE tends to have a very profound effect within the life of that survivor. Having an ADE is seen by many as certain proof of an afterlife or even a continuance of that individual’s soul after death. Continue reading

Could we have discovered possibilities of life from another planet?

A team of Uk scientists believe that they’ve revealed organisms in earth’s atmosphere that originate from outer space.


As demanding as that may be to believe, Professor Milton Wainwright, the team’s chief, insists that this is unquestionably the case.


The team, from the University of Sheffield, found the little organisms (misleadingly known as ‘bugs’ by a lot of overeager journalists) living on a research balloon that was sent 16.7 miles into our environment throughout last month’s Perseids meteor shower. Continue reading