Does the Walkie talkie tower actually look like a walkie talkie, and what else does it contain?

I’m pleased you inquired. 20 Fenchurch Street, affectionately called as the ‘Walkie Talkie Tower’ and maybe less kindly identified as the ‘Walkie Scorchie’ (yeah, that’s a name that is in no way catching on), is a commercial skyscraper in central London. It’s presently under construction and is not supposed to be completed until next year. When all is said and done, it will have cost some £200 Million to construct.

The structure gets its nickname because it is thought to resemble a walkie-talkie (while, to be honest, I can not see it myself). It is also referred to as the pint, a thing that’s much more appropriate.

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Big Screen Scenes!

Ever watched any of MTV Cribs? We did. And we have been always most jealous of those quasi-celebrity homes that comes built using a little motion picture theatre. Well, now that technology has come down in price notably enough to present us mere mortals a go, and wow, are we excited about this!


Large screen adventure is just a click away, so let’s be your guides. Buying an high definition projector has never been faster, easier, cheaper or more worth it.  Continue reading

What kind of equipment do agents take with them when they’re on an job?

You’d believe that the U . s . FBI (being the American FBI and everything) would have access to an earpiece a little cooler that just the common ‘curly cable’ job, wouldn’t you?

If forced, We have to say that I usually imagine some old fella, like Desmond Llewelyn in the Bond movies, (or maybe a younger model like Ben Whishaw from ‘Skyfall’) producing many of the gadgets himself after which explaining them to the agents before they go out and protector the President’s life. Continue reading

TECH NEWS: Tycoon Unveils ‘Hyperloop’ Transport Project

American entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of website (as well as many other companies/ventures), has this month unveiled a potentially revolutionary form of travel.

The ‘Hyperloop’ would hypothetically connect the US cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco by transporting commuters at near supersonic speeds. By using a system of magnets and fans, the Hyperloop would be able to travel between the sprawling cities in about 30 minutes. Continue reading