Big Screen Scenes!

Ever watched any of MTV Cribs? We did. And we have been always most jealous of those quasi-celebrity homes that comes built using a little motion picture theatre. Well, now that technology has come down in price notably enough to present us mere mortals a go, and wow, are we excited about this!


Large screen adventure is just a click away, so let’s be your guides. Buying an high definition projector has never been faster, easier, cheaper or more worth it. 


Using your high definition projector you can take any evening a film night, showing your favorite Bluray or DVD movies for assembled family and friends (and the few less-than-accepted hangers-on who always crop up) and astonish everyone. An hd projector brings out the very best in any film, regardless of its era and resources.


To essentially capture the essence of the cinema at home, you may need an hd projector and a Large screen, then you can mix old classics with modern blockbusters to your heart’s content. By hooking your high definition projector up to the state of the art surround sound system, your bone-crushing celluloid adventures is going to be complete.


Watch films the way they were intended to be viewed, together with your hd projector. Take the cinema home with you (minus the sticky flooring, over-priced munchies and obnoxious youngsters) and bask in the extravagance that only your high definition projector can provide. Who needs a way of life like the wealthy and (seemingly) barefaced when you’ve got a cinema in your own home?


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