Laptop computers as well as the Marketplace: Its easy getting stumped.


I’m still doing this to buy a laptop. I’m hot on the trail, as it were. Given that I always try and look for cheap products to write about, and that I commonly search shopper comments of products, I thought I’d detail my own search to find the best laptop computer for me and offer it up to your consideration.


First, a bit about me, I’m a twenty five-year-old ex-student who’s access to precious little resources. I work as a freelance writer, and I have a gorgeous GF who is perfect in every way, except that she lives a hundred or so miles away from me (and I’m dependent on public transport). When I’m not frequently badgering brokers and publishers with my countless written projects, or writing music for local groups, I tend to be in contact with friends via Facebook, Skype and electronic mail. Since my main source of income is the World wide web, working with a travel laptop is crucial, but just which laptop is one of the best value for money? Continue reading


HP launches its first Chromebook running Google OS

Update – HP in our view are the best manufacturers of laptops and pcs, what they create within the windows platform, rivals whats created on the apple side of the fence. HP are now going into the chromebook marketplace, googles efforts to bring cloud based computing to the always online generation, we are still sceptial on the uses, but we’re confident in the HP brand.


CONFUSED PC MAKER HP has introduced its first Chromebook. Continue reading