Windows 8 Tablets: The First Wave

So it is December and the Coca Cola truck (yes, one in the ‘Holidays are Coming’ adverts) made its approach to the town where I live. My best friend was elated, whilst I was rather undecided, but I went anyway to keep them company. The bus ride was a good 30 – 35 minutes away, so we settled in for the journey by sitting in the front of a double decker’s top floor (my favorite position since i was a child).


Somehow, a person next to me overheard our conversation and, apropos of nothing, decided to join in (at full, ear splitting, volume). It seems that, it wasn’t enough that I had to talk to him, the whole bus had to listen to him as well. He didn’t talk so much as broadcast himself all over the place, principally when making statements like “this bus service is sh*t!” at the top of his voice. Continue reading


Nexus 10 Review

Latest news – When google developed the nexus 7, they shook the tablet marketplace wholly. They did not have any main rivals, but the nexus 10 was dropped into one of the saturated marketplaces around, so this evaluation of the tablet pc was something we had to distribute.

The bigger brother of the Nexus 7, and aptly named because of the size of the screen, we have the Nexus 10 review.



When it comes to anything Google Nexus, the reviewing process is kind of a tough prospect. The temptation to produce a two-word review (“its great”) is almost too tough to resist. However, the saving grace is that the Nexus is so great that you can talk about it pretty much endlessly as well. Continue reading

Kindle Fire HD Review

Latest news – With more than a few different variations of a kindle previously, and building its name as the greatest e book reader, taking thousands and 1000s of books with you. But this representation was plagiarized by every tablet pc about the market and improved upon, so. The kindle is now using a full HD colour screen, with apps and games, mirroring competition and using the android Platform. This provides you an idea of what you can be expecting Continue reading

Can you still get the primary kindle?

On first hearing the Kindle I was initially very doubtful. I adore books, I like to read them and, although it might be very pretentious of me, I like to have books. As well as this, being a student, I have come to understand that I hate reading off of a screen. I’d much rather spend cash on printing off a piece of writing that I would like, than read it straight off of the screen. With this in mind, it is possible to understand why I used to be sceptical of the Kindle. Not only does it not let me have the book I’m reading in its real physical form, it also means I have to read from a screen! Continue reading

How is a Nexus 7 for reading PDf’s?

The Google Nexus (AKA Asus Nexus 7) is a popular and big selling tablet. A recent study, made public in February of this year, estimates that around 4.8 million Asus Nexus 7 units have been sold so far, with sales figures creeping up to around the ‘million a month’ mark.


The latest Nexus has been positively received by reviewers and customers alike. Reviews have praised everything from its well-designed hardware (“the build quality is on par with Apple”, said Techradar’s James Rogerson in January, before describing the tablet as “astounding value for money”) to its Quad-Core 1.2 GHz processor and full GB of RAM, a pairing described in action by’s Dave Oliver as a powerful combination that seems very quick off the mark in use. Flicking between apps is seamless and swift, as is web browsing and movie watching”. Continue reading

Its Not the Size…Its whether or Not You Can use it on a Train…

So, the apple ipad now comes in a handy, travel-sized 7″ tablet form. Yeah, that’s right. The world’s most recognized 10″ pc tablet has finally downsized. But rather than a permanent change, this shift has really just doubled Apple’s market clout.


Up until 2012, only 2 things blighted the iPad as a product:


1)         They are bloody expensive.

2)         They are bloody big.

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What Benefits Will the Kindle Paper white have over other Kindles?

As usual, I’ll start out simple: the Paperwhite is better than the Kindle.

After we think about the Kindle family, what we are managing is really a series of gadgets that continues growing and evolve so as to suit the needs of its customers. First, there was the Kindle and its successors, then the Kindle Fire developed upon that idea as a simple to work with, Internet-ready portable gadget. The Kindle Fire is definitely an all-purpose life style peripheral that encompasses The web, cultural output, social media and more and is arguably one of the best such device in its price range.

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